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These terms apply to any of the facilities at Bull Farm, including the XC course, show jumps, grass or rubber arenas or just riding on the farm.

Dominic and Juliet Langdon-Down welcome horses and riders to Bull Farm on the understanding that they and anyone connected with Bull Farm accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury however sustained or caused to any persons, animals, vehicles or property.

All riders must be accompanied either on foot or horseback.

BHS approved riding hats and back protectors must be worn at all times whenever mounted.

Fixed peak hats are not allowed on the XC course and not recommended for showjumping.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

All incidents or damages, however small, must be reported to Dominic or Juliet.

The disclaimer form on the signing in table must be completed, before mounting, by all riders (parents/guardians/trainers/instructors must sign on behalf of anyone under 18 years of age).

The signing of this form confirms your understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions and that the rider has no medical conditions that could affect their ability to ride and that they have sufficient ability for the tasks they wish to undertake.

Anyone under the age of 7 can only ride with an accredited instructor and must be covered by their insurance.

Riding is an inherently risky sport and horses can be unpredictable.

Riding at Bull Farm is undertaken at your own risk.

All vehicles and contents are parked and left at their owners risk.

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