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All dogs on leads at all times please.

No lone riders, you must be accompanied by an adult either on foot or horseback.

BHS back protectors and approved cross country safety hats must be worn whenever you are mounted, whether jumping or not.

No peaked hats allowed, chinstraps must be done up. Failure to comply with this rule will require us to ask you to dismount until correctly attired, or leave the course.

You must sign the disclaimer form on the table near the house on arrival, and put it and the money in an envelope (supplied) in the letterbox next to the table before mounting, thank you.

A copy of the disclaimer is available here.

Please be aware of other riders and pedestrians at all times and don't try to jump bigger than you are happy to.

After signing in and payment, correct protective riding gear must be worn (BHS approved hats and back protectors) before mounting. All jumps, heights and distances must be checked prior to jumping and are hirers responsibility.

All breakages must be reported. Do not leave jump cups on the ground. Please put them in the yellow buckets provided.

Please take all litter home.

KINDLY NOTE: Our labrador, Monty is very good at hunting out food so please leave trailers, lorries, cars etc. with doors and ramps shut or carrots, sandwiches and anything that fits in his mouth may disappear!!!

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